How to Remove Rotors From a Pontiac Grand Prix


Money is tight, gasoline is expensive and you need to replace the brake rotors on your Pontiac Grand Prix. You'll need some tools and some technical know-how, but replacing or removing the rotors from a Pontiac Grand Prix is not an overly complicated project. You can save about an hour of labor, per side, that your local repair shop would charge you to remove your rotor by doing it yourself. That adds up quickly and the more you perform such repairs, the quicker and more efficient you'll become at it

Things You'll Need

  • Floor jack Jack stand(s) Wheel chock Turkey baster DOT approved brake fluid 1/2 inch drive breaking bar 1/2 inch drive socket set 1/2 inch drive ratchet Large straight-edged screwdriver Bungee cord Hammer or heavy rubber mallet C-clamp Brake clean spray (if you're replacing rotors with new ones) Shop rag(s) Adjustable torque wrench (recommended)

How to Remove Rotors From a Pontiac Grand Prix

  • Park the Pontiac Grand Prix on a flat, level paved or concrete surface. Apply the parking brake and release the hood latch.

  • Place a wheel chock behind or in front of a tire on the opposite side of the axle you intend to lift. If you're lifting the front axle, place the chock behind one rear tire. If you're lifting the rear axle, place the chock in front of one front tire.

  • Open the hood and suck out half of the brake fluid from the master cylinder using the turkey baster. Replace the cap for now.

  • Break the lug nuts loose of the tire(s) you're removing. Do not loosen them too much and do not remove them.

  • Lift the vehicle using the floor jack and secure the vehicle onto a jack stand. If you need to, lift both sides at the same time or you can just lift one side at a time.

  • Remove the lug nuts and wheel.

  • Remove the caliper bolts using the ratchet and socket. Pry the caliper off with the large screwdriver and compress the piston of the caliper using a C-clamp. Secure the caliper to the frame or coil spring with the bungee cord. Do not allow the caliper to hang by the brake hose.

  • Remove the pads from the caliper anchor, taking note of how they are installed. You're going to want to replace them in the same manner in which they were removed from the anchor.

  • Remove the caliper anchor bolts using the ratchet and socket. If it makes it easier, break the bolts loose with the breaking bar and socket first, then switch over to the ratchet to speed things up.

  • Remove the rotor. It should come right off the hub, but in some cases, the rotor may rust to the hub and will need to be convinced to be removed. If you're replacing the rotor with a new one, smack the old rotor with a hammer on the fin to shock it free from the hub. If you intend to reuse the same rotor, you'll have to apply a good deal of delicate determination to remove the rotor without incurring damage to it. Use the same method, but use a heavy rubber mallet. This will take much more tenacity than a steel hammer, but perseverance will pay off.

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