How to Build Your Own Electric Bass Guitar


Building your own bass guitar kit will give you an appreciation of those who design, craft, and build these instruments daily. You can also paint the bass the way you want.

Things You'll Need

  • Electric bass guitar kit
  • Spray paint
  • Sandpaper
  • Lacquer
  • Primer paint
  • Screwdriver
  • Soldering iron
  • Tape
  • Select your electric bass guitar kit. Online suppliers include or Or visit stores such as Guitar Center.

  • Take the neck of the guitar from the kit and tape off the fretboard on the front with several strips of masking tape. Apply some lacquer wood finish to the head piece of the neck. Let it dry and turn it over and apply a coat of lacquer to the back of the neck as well. This will stain the neck a warm brown wood color.

  • Sand the body of the bass guitar lightly on both sides until smooth. Use a cloth to wipe away the dust.

  • Spray a coat of primer on both sides of the guitar and let it dry for a few days. After that, lightly and carefully sand any drip marks or rough spots in the primer to make it smooth for painting.

  • Paint both sides of the bass guitar body evenly. Wait a day or so and then add a second coat of paint.

  • Attach the neck of the guitar to the cutaway section of the bass guitar body. Use your screwdriver to secure all four of the long screws in place. Place the tuners in the headstock at the top of the neck and secure them with the screws provided in your bass guitar kit.

  • Let your soldering iron heat up and then wire the control plate of your bass guitar. Take one of the center contact wires and use your soldering gun to solder it to the volume pot on the control plate. There should be a wire connected to the volume pot that you will solder to the input jack piece.

  • Take the pickguard from your bass guitar kit and place it on the body of your guitar. This will protect the guitar from sweat, grime and damage done by using a guitar pick. Use the screws in the kit to secure it firmly to the body of the bass.

  • Put the bass pickups in their proper slots in the pickguard and body. Slide the bundle of wires from each pick down toward the bottom of the body where the control plate will be installed and mounted.

  • Take the black wires from the bass pickups and solder them to the volume pot on the control plate. Secure the control plate in place underneath the pickguard using your screwdriver and screws. Pop the volume and tone control knobs on the control plate.

  • Fasten the bridge of the bass guitar down at the very bottom of the guitar body. String up your bass, tune it and test it out to make sure everything is wired properly.

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