How to Make A Custom Clock


Customize your a clock to fit any decor.
Total Project Cost is Only about $8.50.

The Options are endless. Have a clock that fits your style, your personality and your decor. You can even make one with a family photo.

Things You'll Need

  • Inexpensive Wall Clock
  • Glue Stick
  • Computer and Printer
  • Scanner (optional)
  • First you want to take your clock (found at your local retailer) and take a small screw driver and gently pry the cover off. The cover of this clock has 3 small tabs keeping it in place. Start at the 12o'clock position.

  • Now that the cover is off go ahead and remove the hands and gently pull the clock face off. There may be a small strip of tape holding it down just peel it slowly.

  • At this point you can either scan the clock face into your computer, or if you don't have a scanner you can find free clock face templates online. I found a good one at "Belle's Printables" (Link in Resources).

  • Now you can find any picture you like and use your favorite image editing program and layer your picture over the clock template. My favorite Software is called "Gimp". "Gimp" is a free alternative to "Photoshop". (link in resources)

  • Now Print your new clock face. When printing you will want to set your printing preferences to Borderless printing and select a good quality output. You may want to print a draft first to make sure it is the correct size. Then resize the image as necessary.

  • Now you will want to take a pair of scissors and cut out your clock face. When cutting stay just outside the edge. If you need to you can trim up any excess later.

  • Now you will be gluing the new face to the old one. Take a glue and cover the back of your new clock face evenly. (This step can be skipped if your using a thick paper like photo paper. You be the judge.)

  • Now apply the new face to the old one. Make sure the numbers line up so that your new clock face wont be crooked. Then go ahead and replace the clock face into the base taking note that the 12o'clock position is at the top of the base. (You may also wish to apply glue to the back of the face and glue the whole thing to the base).

  • Now go ahead and place the hands back onto the clock assembly. the hands normally go on in the order of Hour hand, minute hand, second hand.

    I decided to glue on some green paper to the hands so that the hands would not get visually lost in the dark areas of the background. This of course is optional.

  • Now Just replace the plastic cover and enjoy your new custom clock designed to your liking

    This picture is of the two clocks I have done so far. I am hoping this demonstrates that there is no limit to the creativity that can be applied to this project.

    Have fun and enjoy!

Tips & Warnings

  • Gimp can have kind of a steep learning curve if you don't already have some experience with photo manipulation software. Leave a comment if you would like a how to on using Gimp to make a clock face.

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