How to Define Yourself


Sometimes you just want to stand out from the rest, though this can be challenging. Finding your identity -- both outwardly and mentally -- can be difficult while you strive to fit in. However, defining yourself can mean something as simple as finding a style that fits your personality or understanding what really makes you tick. To do so, you may find a bit of experimentation and stepping outside of your comfort zone will help you to find the real you.

  • Get away from your current routine. We often conform to our surroundings and find ourselves "following the crowd," which can make us forget our true identity. Take a break from your routine to find out what it is you really like to do without the pressures of family expectations, friends or work. A vacation is the perfect way to do this.

  • Challenge yourself to step outside of your comfort zone. Sometimes you like things only because you were taught to do so as a child. For instance, if you eat only hamburgers and pasta, it may be because of the types of foods you ate as a child. You may have been taught that certain people or places were better than others. Do a little experimentation by finding new people, doing new activities and trying something new. You may be surprised to find that the old routine you're used to just isn't you.

  • Evaluate your life and consider which of your activities or whichof the people with whom you surround yourself are the result of societal, family or career pressures. It may be fine to maintain these things in your life, but you should also recognize which areas in your life exist because you truly want them there and which exist because it is the "right" thing to do. Once you understand this, you can find things that are more tailored to who you are and incorporate them into your life.

  • Identify the strengths and weaknesses in your life based on your self-evaluation. Ask yourself what you are really good at and what you want to become better at.

  • Set goals based on your self-evaluation. These can range from spending more time with your family to keeping a daily journal.

  • Take time daily for you and reflect and what it is you really want to accomplish. Perhaps having a successful career has been what has driven you until this point, though you may be prioritizing family more. As you go, you'll find that you have a clearer picture of who you are and what you want.

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