How to Use GPS on a Blackberry Curve

The GPS function on the Blackberry Curve can be an excellent tool for navigation. It is fairly simple to enable, and once engaged, you can use it as a tool in your car, in a city or simply when you are lost. Here are some helpful steps.


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      Locate your owner's manual. Inside it will give tips on how to access your GPS feature, how to use navigation and how to troubleshoot your GPS problems. Contact your Blackberry retailer with specific questions.

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      Choose "Advanced Options" under the "Options" menu. From that menu, select "GPS." Then select the "Menu" button. After this, click on "Refresh GPS." This series of operations will reset the GPS locator on your phone, and within seconds, give you a latitude and longitude reading--your exact global position.

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      Download "Google Maps" from the link in the resources section. This will ease your navigation needs. Once downloaded, go from "Options" to "Applications" to "Google Maps" and select the menu and go to "Edit Permissions." Select "Connections" and the menu to expand this. Select "Location" and "Internet Connections," and make sure these coordinate with Google Maps. Now you can use turn by turn directions with Google Maps.

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      Troubleshoot your Blackberry GPS system if it fails to read a signal. If you are near a building and are not receiving a signal, move into an open area for line of sight. If you are indoors, move closer to a window. If you have just activated the GPS on your phone for the first time, let it search for a few minutes before you begin utilizing the function.

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      Contact your retailer with more confounding problems, or if the GPS fails to work entirely.

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