How to Find Your Stolen Ipod

What would happen if one day your Ipod was plucked out of your jacket when you were away? Stolen, you need to find it and get it back. This is entirely possible as every Ipod has a serial number and can be traced when it is plugged into Itunes. A little preventative maintenance can go a long way in finding your stolen Ipod. Here's how.


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      The minute you get your Ipod, you need to write down or document the serial number. Apple has provided every Ipod a unique number. It can also be traced backwards by using Itunes. If you have an account and your Ipod has been stolen, call them, verify your info and ask for the serial number.

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      Now with your serial number you need to call the police and report it stolen. Give them the serial number, time and place it was last seen.

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      You also need to call Apple and let them know it was stolen. Give them the serial number and ask if they have any record of it being returned or used with Itunes. If they say that the serial number of your Ipod has been used, report this to the police along with the representatives name for verification.

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      Add your Ipod to the list of stolen articles at Here you will see hundreds of stolen items and you need to add it to the list. This way if someone finds or has been sold your item it is traced back to you.

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      At this point you have to wait. Until your item turns up via the serial number match or the cops apprehend who took it, you are at a loss. Apple computers does have the technology to trace the ISP of the person who has stolen your Ipod and hooked it into their Itunes system but refuses to help victims.

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