How to Make Extra Money From Hobby Welding Projects

Welding can be far more than a utilitarian activity; with skill and creativity, you can use your craft to create works of art for both outdoor and indoor display. And those welded objects can be a means of extra money for you. They can be sold at craft fairs, flea markets, small retail shops and even online. As people learn about your welding projects, you can start taking orders for customized work and supplement your income even more.


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      Decide what type of welding projects you really enjoy and are good at making. As you continue welding, of course, you will develop more; begin, however, with a few great objects you know you can make well, and that are appealing in their design. Yard ornaments of any kind are often popular, as well as utilitarian objects like umbrella holders. You can also look into pieces that are both functional and ornamental; examples include metal trellis (which can be leaned on a wall and used as support for a vine), plus garden gates and house numbers.

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      Find a good source for materials. The last thing you want to do is start receiving orders and then run out of the materials you need to fulfill those orders. Find a good supplier or other source for the metal you use in your welding projects.

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      Make several of each design that you want to sell--perhaps two or three of each object.

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      Get business cards made with your contact information (name, phone number, email address, and home or workshop address, if desired) so you can easily get your name out to people who are interested.

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      Find a local venue as a tryout for selling your products. Check the community calendar for upcoming events that include vendors; there might be a flea market or craft fair you can take part in. If the holidays are near, find out if there are any seasonal bazaars in the area. If you can't find any such events, look into renting a booth at an antique store or craft market for a month or so.

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      Contact local retail shops about selling your welded projects. You can either sell to the businesses at a wholesale cost and let them sell at retail prices, or you can make a commission-based arrangement, in which you simply take a percentage of the retail price once the object sells.

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      Consider setting up a website. It's a good way for people to see the products you have to offer, where you'll be selling those products, and how they can place orders for custom work.

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      Take orders for custom work as they come in. Be sure to price fairly for the time and research you will spend on design and gathering materials, as well as the actual welding work.

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      Expand your skills by developing new designs and using new materials. Use the orders for custom work as inspiration for new welding projects; you've already spent time on the custom design, and you can make slight adjustments and have a new product to offer.

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