How to Feng Shui Your Entryway


In feng shui -- the ancient art of home harmonization -- the front door of your house is the mouth of chi -- or energy; it's the gateway through which opportunities come to you and your family. Feng shui recommends guidelines to maximize those opportunities and ensure they are nourishing and positive. The size of the door, its color, the direction it faces and how it aligns with the interior are all important.

General Front Door Guidelines

  • If you want to attract opportunities to your house, you have to provide a clear path to the door that is well defined and easy to follow, and the front door must be unambiguously the grandest door in the house. The door itself should be sized according to the house, being neither too small not too large, but it needs to be high enough for everyone to use comfortably. The front door opens inward -- never outward -- and there should be ample space behind it for it to swing freely as well as unobstructed access to it from outside.

Front Door Color

  • The color of the front door matters, and you should take a variety of factors into account when choosing it. The color of the house is one of the most important considerations: The door color should harmonize with and support it. The colors of the surrounding landscape and neighborhood should also be taken into account. Finally, note the direction that the door faces, since a color in harmony with that direction will attract positive chi. For example, if your house is white, the color of metal -- black or blue, which signifies water -- are good colors for the door and especially good if the door faces north. However, if the door faces south -- the fire direction -- an earthy red, such as terra cotta, honors that direction without being incendiary and attracting wild energies.

Inside the House

  • Ideally, the front door should open to a wide expanse of space that extends to a solid back wall. The wall on the side of the door opposite the hinges is a good place to display some of your best artwork, but avoid pictures of the family or other personal items, which are better displayed in other areas of the house. Welcome the chi and amplify it by placing a mirror near the door, but not directly across from it. Use the mirrors and artwork to subtly indicate which way people should go when they come in the door to help reduce confusion and make them feel welcome.

Cures for Common Problems

  • Many doors open to a staircase, which creates a blockage that stagnates chi coming in the door. The stagnation is more extreme if the stairway has walls on both sides -- so make your stairway an open one, if possible. Hanging a crystal midway between the door and the stairway helps mitigate the blockage. Another common problem is the existence of a visible door or fireplace on the wall opposite the entry door. In the first case, chi moves directly through the house, and in the second, the privacy of the hearth is lost. Judiciously placed mirrors, furniture or plants can cure both problems.

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