How to Handle Rude YouTube Comments


YouTube can be a great place to watch almost anything. However, it's not so great when we leave a comment expressing our opinion and then someone comes along to bash us for it!

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  • You may feel the urge to spit back a nasty reply and give that person a piece of your mind, but more than likely that will only fuel the fire and make matters worse. You could get caught up in an extensive argument and before you know it you've engaged in this ongoing waste of time. Keep a hold of your temper and decide to take the higher road.

  • Ignore the comment altogether, obviously this person shouldn't be worth your time so don't even acknowledge them. Have the idea that this person is not even worth your time or effort, skip over the comment and move on as if they are insignificant.

  • If you do choose to reply to the remark, again take the higher road. Fight their fire with water; surprise them by saying something like: I appreciate my worth as a person, and I'm sorry you don't agree. Even go as far to wish them a good day. What you'll end up doing is either making the person feel like a fool for being so mean and rude in the first place, or you'll confuse and annoy the person since they did not get the fight they may have been hoping for.

  • If the person decides to reply to you and tries instigating something once more, simply click the little tab that says "block this user". This will cut this person out of your life, you will not receive anything else from them and you can go about your day without worrying about them.

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