How to Design Your Own Logos


Your logo should quickly and easily speak volumes about your group or company. When someone looks at your logo he should be struck by the positive traits your company seeks to exude as well as tell what kind of company you are. Designing your own logo is a very important step in any business, whether it's big, small or just a group that gets together for fun. You can design your own logo by taking into consideration what your company stands for and how you wish to be presented in a visual context.

Things You'll Need

  • Pencil Pen Paper Internet access Computer
  • Make a list of the qualities that best represent your group or company. Think in broad terms. For instance, if your company prides itself on consistent, quality service try and boil this down to one word, like "reliable." Once you have a list of strong one-word descriptions, consider what would be an appropriate symbol for each word. The example word of "reliable" could be reflected in a mountaintop because mountains seem eternal, or perhaps a strong horse or ox.

  • Pick the symbol that appeals to the feel of your company. You can pick more than one symbol but commit to one of these symbols being the most dominate in your logo. Sketch out these symbols on paper. It works best if you simplify these pictures into their most basic shapes. Make sure that the shapes are still recognizable. You can do this by retaining the most characteristic aspects of the picture. For instance, if your symbol is of an ox, be sure to include the head and horns of the ox, because those shapes set it apart from other animals.

  • Select the logo drawing you like best and add your company or group's name to the picture. Do this lightly with pencil so that you can play with different placements of your name. Once you have found something that appeals to you, sketch out the image and name on a full sheet of paper.

  • Show this new logo design to your friends, employees or fellow group members to get their input. Ask them what their immediate reaction is when they see the logo. They should quickly be able to tell you something positive that relates to the words that you came up with earlier. If they are struggling to make sense of the logo or are misinterpreting the symbols in a negative way, then it's back to the drawing board.

  • Draw the final logo in ink or hire a graphic designer to complete your finished logo. Once the logo is completed you can scan it into your computer and place it on your business cards, stationery or website.

Tips & Warnings

  • Check out other companies that are in the same field to see what kind of symbols and logo designs they use.

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