How to Draw Chihuahua Dogs


Chihuahuas are adorable dogs that have captured pet owners' hearts. Chihuahua dogs have stared in ad campaigns and films, aiding in their rise in popularity. With this simple tutorial, you, too, can show your love for this tiny dog by learning how to draw it.

Things You'll Need

  • Drawing Paper Mechanical or Drawing Pencils
  • Draw three circles that are stacked vertically. The circles should almost be equal in radius. The top circle and the center circle should be even with each other, with the bottom circle shifted off to the right.

  • Connect the circles with lines on the left and right sides. Connect the top circle and the center circle with two straight lines. Connect the center circle to the lower right-hand circle with two lines that lean to the right. However, these lines are not straight. The left line bows out to the left, and the right line bows out to the right, forming the stomach and back.

  • Draw an egg shape that is connected to the bottom circle. The tip of the egg should face left, with the bottom of the egg facing right. The egg should overlap the bottom circle. On the lower left part of the egg (the egg's tip), add half a circle. Here is the hind leg. Now, from the center circle, draw two columns--one goes down through the center of the body and the other is to the left and slightly behind the body. These columns should end at the bottom of the lower circle. At the ends of the columns, add two small ovals.

  • Segment the top circle into quadrants by drawing a vertical line and a horizontal line that cross the center. In the lower two quadrants, draw a circle that will serve as the chihuahua's snout. Add a rounded upside down triangle for a nose.
    On the upper part of the top circle, add triangles to the left and right. You can bend these triangles, for they serve as the ears. Additionally, you can add a curved triangle to the bottom right side of the egg shape you drew in step three. This is the tail.

  • Begin adding features. Above the snout, draw two circles and color them black to make the eyes. Below the nose, add a small triangle for the lower jaw. Draw smaller triangles inside the ear triangles for the inside of the ears. Trace the outside portions of all the steps you've drawn to form the body. In the small ovals and half circle, draw four curved lines for toe marks.

  • Erase the guidelines you drew in steps 1 through 4.

  • Add fur to the chihuahua dog. Make sure to draw the fur in different directions for a realistic look. If the chihuahua is a short-haired dog, draw tiny, close-together lines for a short-haired look. If the chihuahua is the long-haired version, use long and wavy lines that go every which way. Overlap the hairs and shade where you deem appropriate. You can make your chihuahua solid colored or tri-colored. Once you have completed adding the fur, you have created a finished chihuahua drawing.

Tips & Warnings

  • Place a piece of wax paper underneath your drawing hand. This will help your hand glide across the paper more easily and will keep the pencil lines from smearing.

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  • Photo Credit Flickr Creative Commons, Toronjo Azul,, J.T Halon
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