How to Fight Big Government

Fight Big Government
Fight Big Government

You can fight city hall, and even Washington, and win. If you have the courage of your convictions you can still win. Here's how to do your part for small government.


People who espouse the dominance of the state count on individuals not to speak up. If everyone who thought that they were getting jacked (as in carjacked) by regulation and taxes said something, well, then they couldn't steal from us anymore.

Talk about how you if feel if you feel like you are being stolen from by the state. Talk about it at church, cocktail parties and barbecues. Don't force your opinion, but make it known. There is a small percentage of the population who will take the lead with an idea. Be that person. You may influence people more than you may know.


Whether online or in print, write. Take time to develop ideas and spread them via the written word. Start a blog. Write an op-ed in your local newspaper. Whatever. Help people who don't know you but think like you to know that they are not alone. Isolation is quieting, the exchange of ideas changes countries, that's why our founding fathers enshrined freedom of speech.

Be a good neighbor

If you decide that you stand for individual freedom and not for the state, be a good example. Help people. Chop wood for them. Help them get to the grocery store if they can't get there. If you believe the government should not be involved in everyday life then it takes some commitment to civic life. If you believe in liberty, you must also take responsibility.

Put your money in precious metals

If there is one way to make your belief that the state is out of control into real terms, it is to put some of your money into precious metals. Now let me be clear. No prudent person puts all his eggs into one basket. Even if it is golden eggs we are talking about. How can I say this...don't put all your money into gold, silver, and platinum. But understand why precious metals undermine the establishment.

Central banks hate gold. Lenin (of Soviet Union some fame) hated gold. Marx hated gold. They hated it because it forces money to be of an objective and tangible nature versus the easily inflated nature favored by those who would build castles to the sky.

Tips & Warnings

  • Fighting big government is not easy but it allows you to sleep at night.
  • Fighting big government is what is right, but likely not what is easy. Realize this on the front end.

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