How to Get Rid of an Apple Shaped Body

Get Rid of an Apple Shape
Get Rid of an Apple Shape

Everyone has a tendency towards a certain shaped body. And as we age or go through other body changes, the shape may shift. Apple shaped bodies tend to have a lot of fat stored around the middle. Particularly the abdomen. Individuals wanting to get rid of an apple shaped body will find that it will not only change your shape, but it can lower the risks for heart disease, diabetes and other health problems.

Cut back the fat. Cut back on fats, this means grilling instead of frying. Using citrus or pepper based condiments instead of fat-laden salad dressings and sandwich spreads. Read the labels of products before you buy them. Pay particular attention to saturated fats on labels and avoid products with it.

Prepare meals. When you can, prepare foods and snacks at home instead of buying pre-made goods. This way you know what you're getting instead of hidden additives and fat. If you're short on time, prepare meals once a week and freeze them for later in the week.

Eat your fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables are chocked full of vitamins and minerals, but they're also filling. If you load up on them before you eat a meal, you will lose body fat, helping you get rid of that apple shape.

Get moving everyday. It doesn't matter how you start, or when you do it. Just get moving. Not amount of strength training or 'spot reduction' is going to rid you of an apple shaped body unless you get moving to melt the fat. Walking, treadmills, dancing workout DVDs, anything you do to get on the move will help your weight and your heart.

Strengthen your muscles. Once you start to lose weight with cardio exercise, take on a strengthening routine. Though you can't spot reduce fat on your stomach, you can shape the underlying muscles to give you a trimmer look. And when you keep up healthy eating and exercise, those underlying muscles will soon become your outer muscles. Strengthen not only your stomach muscles, but your arms legs and back muscles as well. More muscle has the added benefit of more fat burning as well.

Practice standing tall. Having a tall and straight posture will give automatic visual results. Be sure to pull in your stomach muscles as you straighten up. As pulling in the stomach and standing tall become a habit, it will tighten the tummy all day.

Tips & Warnings

  • Drink water and plenty of it. Water will help you feel full without added calories.

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