How to Make a Beer Mug Frosty


Despite the fact that drinking beverages at extremely cold temperatures tends to inhibit the performance of your tastebuds, many people find the image of a frosty mug of beer very enticing, which explains its popularity in advertisements for bars and restaurants. Of course, you don't have to visit a drinking establishment to enjoy a frigid brew right at home.

Things You'll Need

  • Glass beer mug
  • Freezer
  • Beer
  • Beer mat/coaster
  • Wash the beer mug, and rinse with lots of fresh water. Don't pat it dry. In fact, make sure you leave the outside of the mug nice and wet to ensure a healthy layer of ice on the glass.

  • Place the beer mug in your freezer. Let it sit in there for at least an hour in order to give it time to really frost over. Don't take out the mug until you're ready to pour the beer, since the ice-melting process begins as soon as it leaves the freezer.

  • Pick your beer. Make sure that the beer that's about to be severely chilled is a pilsner or lager-style beer. Why? This style of beer is intended to be served cold, and isn't as adversely affected by frigid serving temperatures as some of the heartier styles like bocks, ales, stouts and porters (see article linked below in References). These beers may lose much of the flavor that you're paying so dearly for, so tread carefully.

  • Gently pour the beer, taking care to angle the glass as you pour, to ensure a nice foamy head without it overflowing.

  • Place the frosty mug on a beer mat or coaster. Since the ice on the mug will thaw fairly rapidly at room temperature, depositing water all over whatever surface your beer glass sits on.

  • Watch with a little disappointment as the beautiful, foamy head on the beer rapidly disappears before your eyes. Unfortunately, this is one of the less pleasant effects of serving beer at extremely low temperatures. Not to worry, it's more of a visual thing than a taste issue; it's still beer, so enjoy.

Tips & Warnings

  • If you like the chilling effects of a frosted mug but also find that the melting ice dilutes the beer, try one of the many plastic freezer mugs on the market. These mugs have hollow chambers that have a gel inside that keeps the beverage chilled after a spell in the freezer, but there's no melting ice to water down your beer.
  • Make sure you drink responsibly and that you're not going to be driving after sampling the delights of a few cold brews, whether the glasses are frosty or not.

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