How to Make a Braided Necklace


This is a fun project that allows you to be as creative as you like with the decorative item you choose to feature. That item can be anything that you can thread six jute or hemp cords through. Your braided necklace will be about 15 inches long.

Things You'll Need

  • Craft board or thick cardboard
  • Push pins or straight pins
  • Scissors
  • Jute or hemp twine
  • Charm, bead, shell or stone with a hole in the jewelry clasp
  • Cut six pieces of jute twine about 5 feet long (roughly four times the length of the finished necklace). Using strands that are this long will ensure that you'll have enough to complete the project. Run all six pieces of jute through the hole in your decorative charm, bead, shell or stone. Position the decoration at the center of the twine strands, and then even up the ends.

  • Affix all six pieces of twine to the craft board or a thick piece of cardboard with push pins or straight pins. Position the pins above the decoration. You will be completing one side of the necklace at a time.

  • Separate the lengths of jute twine into three groups of two strands each. Begin braiding the jute by taking the set of cords on the left and crossing it over the center set. Then cross the set on the right over the new center set. Try to keep both strands of each set side by side as you braid. This will prevent any bunching up of cords so that the necklace will remain flat.
    Repeat this step until you have created a braid about 7 inches long.

  • Separate the twine into two sets of of three cords. Tie a knot in each set, close to the braid. Secure one half of the clasp by tying it on with the ends of the cords, if you're using one. Cut off the excess twine, but leave the ends long enough so that you can use them to tie the necklace if you're not using a clasp.

  • Remove the pins from the board. Flip the necklace around, and repeat Steps 3, 4 and 5.

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