How to Turn Thin Hair into Thick and Sexy Bed-Head

Turn Thin Hair into Thick and Sexy Bed-Head
Turn Thin Hair into Thick and Sexy Bed-Head

If I just "wash & wear" my hair, it is so thin & flat that my ears actually show through the sides! Because of this, I've tried many styling products & techniques over the years and finally figured out the ultimate system for making flat hair look full & sexy.

Things You'll Need

  • egg, milk, honey, & beer
  • specific hair styling products (as detailed in this article)
  • blow dryer & big curling iron
  • pony tail elastic
  • at least 2 big velcro rollers
  • fine tooth comb
  • optional: temporary spray on color, a sheet of paper, & clip-in hair extensions

Make a homemade hair mask to "fill-in" any damage/split ends and naturally make hair look healthier. (Results from this step are immediate!) Mix 1 egg with 1 Tbsp. milk and 1 Tbsp. honey. Apply to dry hair and let sit for at least 1/2 to 1 hour, depending on how much time you have.

Use shampoo designed especially for thin hair and condition ONLY the ends. After rinsing out completely, pour beer over head and saturate entire length of hair. I use Bud Light because it's what we usually have on hand, but any kind will work (even flat, day-old beer). If it's cold, it may feel shocking, but this will help seal cuticle for added shine. This step sounds weird, but models do it to help make hair more manageable!

After towel drying hair, apply to following products while hair is still damp: Lottabody Setting Lotion to roots and throughout length of hair, Marc Anthony Instantly Thick Cream through length, Herbal Essences Body Envy Volumizing Gel only on the roots, massaging it into scalp. Also, add a little Hask Pure Shine Spray-On Laminator just to the ends to seal and protect from heat damage. Comb all products through hair and then blow dry with head upside down the entire time, shaking hair with fingers as you lift hair against the direction it will be styled in. When hair is almost completely dry, and before flipping head back up, make a high ponytail on top of head with an elastic. Leave out the front section (from the ears forward), otherwise it will leave an elastic "bump" mark in your hair.

Hair spray roots of the loose front section and wrap it back from ends to root around large velcro roller. (These are inexpensive at beauty supply shops like Sally's.) Use a 2nd velcro roller to wrap pony tail from ends to base so hair will have slight bend when it's done. Mist head lightly with aerosol hairspray. Keep hair up like this while you do something else for at least 1/2 hour. (Use this time to do your makeup or get dressed, etc.) You may look silly (my husband has called me "Bam-Bam" when my hair's up like this) but it's worth it because it really locks-in lift at the roots.

When you take out rollers and elastic and shake hair out, it will be full and puffy looking. To make this volume last without falling flat, spray hair spray on fingers and massage it into scalp so you get the spray right into the roots of hair. Repeat this all over head one section at a time. (Spray fingers, rub in one section, spray fingers again and rub in another section, etc.) Then, lift 1 inch sections all around head & tease/back-comb the roots of the under layers with a fine tooth comb. Smooth top layers to cover teased sections with a large barrel curling iron, sliding it down hair and bending the ends up and in different directions. Mist more hair spray lightly by lifting sections and spraying underneath. To add "piecey" effect to layers, spray wax on hands and pinch over ends to define. Then, finish with a mist of shiny spray all over. This will turn your fine hair into tousled "bed-head" hair that's full of sexy body!

Tips & Warnings

  • Hair that is not all the same color looks more 3-dimensional. If you do not already have lowlights, add your own using a temporary spray on hair color in a shade darker than your current color. (For blondes, I like Streaks 'N Tips Temporary Highlight Spray in Burnt Brown.) Select a strip of hair to be colored (about an inch wide) and use a sheet of paper to protect the rest of your hair while you spray the selected strip. You only need to do this to about 3 random strips of hair on each side of head.
  • Another way to dramatically make hair look instantly thicker is with clip in hair extensions. Many styles of these can be found reasonably priced on ebay. The best part is they do not need to match your hair color exactly becuase they attach under your hair and blend in. This will add more actual hair when there feels like there just isn't enough there naturally and it really makes a big difference!
  • These steps may take more time and styling products than what you are normally used to. Therefore, this may be better suited to occasions when you are willing and have more time to put in the extra effort to really look your best (like before a special night out or having photos taken, etc.)

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