How to Rid Home of Bugs - Roaches, Fleas, Spiders & Ants - Cheap

Rid Home of Bugs - Roaches, Fleas, Spiders & Ants - Cheap
Rid Home of Bugs - Roaches, Fleas, Spiders & Ants - Cheap

Got bugs? Want to murder them all for good for 10 bucks a year?! Boric Acid stops crawling insects dead in their tracks. Most dollar stores carry Boric Acid powder for $2 per container. You may also purchase it at your local grocers, home improvement & department stores. It is sold alongside the expensive bug bombs & sprays that don't work. It comes in a plastic cylinder bottle with a cone-shaped tip. The best part? - one treatment lasts a year.

First decide how much you need. Since fleas are everywhere, in furniture, bedding, carpets and cracks, you may need 5 bottles of Boric Acid. Spiders and ants are usually only around windows, so if your problem is isolated you'll only need one bottle of Boric acid. Roaches usually live in hidden colonies with access to moisture & can survive on eating just wallpaper or wood glue. If you see one, there's probably 100 more where it came from. But unless your problem is severe, one bottle should be plenty to wipe them out. In any event, buying an extra container couldn't hurt for ongoing maintenance.

After you purchase your Boric Acid, have a look at the label. A word of caution: you should avoid ingesting, inhaling, & skin contact with this dust. Keep it away from food, prep areas & dishes. If you have fleas you will need to keep kids and pets temporarily away from the treated area until you are finished the process. There are some claims that this product is relatively harmless but it's called Boric Acid & it kills things, enough said.

With fleas you have your work cut out for you. You need to sprinkle a fine dust in every nook and cranny of floors & furniture especially where your pets sleep and along baseboards. You can use a duster or broom to spread it around if needed. Wait three hours and then vacuum thoroughly before reinhabiting the area. (You could probably vacuum within a half hour but since you are going to all the trouble you may as well let it sit) Note: you'll need to treat your dog separately with a product like Frontline or chances are he will carry fleas back in from outside & re-infest the house. You can avoid vacuuming areas such as under furniture or along baseboards & in cracks for ongoing protection. You can also sprinkle some salt under and around your dogs sleeping area, leave it there to help combat fleas.

Treating roaches, ants and spiders will only take you five or ten minutes. You want to concentrate on infested areas. This will not be vacuumed up or wiped away until after the colony is dead, usually in a week or two. The goal is for the bugs to walk through it. Don't sprinkle mini-snow-banks - just a light dusting & they will carry it back to the nest & kill the rest of the little buggers. Concentrate on any areas you have seen bugs crawling or running into to hide. Dust under the fridge, stove & dishwasher, along the baseboards, windows & sills, under the sink and in cracks. If you like, you can leave the dust intact to avoid future outbreaks for a year more. An effective & permanent place to dust with boric acid is behind electrical switch plates. Boric Acid has a great bang for your buck.

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