How to Convert Your Vehicle To Run On CNG or Compressed Natural Gas

Did you know that you can convert many brands of cars and trucks to run on CNG or compressed natural gas? Here is how.


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      Learn which vehicles qualify for legal conversion. There are strict EPA rules regarding CNG conversion and only certain models qualify to be converted. These models include the Chevy Silverado, GMC Sierra, Ford Crown Victoria, Ford Grand Marquis, Ford Taurus, LIncoln Town Car, Ford F150, F250, E-350, E-450 and others. For a complete list see this site:

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      Find out if there is a CNG filling station near you. If there is not it may not be worth the cost of the conversion, which is around $8000. This may seem like a lot but the equivalent cost of CNG is less than one dollar per gallon in many parts of the US. For a list of CNG filling stations see the following site:

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      CNG tank installed in trunk.

      Realize the limitations of a CNG conversion. CNG converted vehicles can run on both gasoline or CNG so you can still use your car in areas where there is no CNG station. There may be federal or state rebates for conversions at any given time so check with your accountant. The benefits of CNG conversion include cheaper fuel, less pollution and less wear on engine parts because CNG burns cleaner and cooler than gasoline. Natural gas is an abundant natural resource that is very plentiful in North America.

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      Ask yourself how much trunk or bed space you are willing to give up for CNG tanks. You will always have to give up some room in your car's trunk or pickup bed for the tanks. Usually two tanks are used. These tanks are very safe. They are almost impossible to rupture, but if that occurs compressed natural gas is lighter than air and evaporates upward, causing no harm.
      CNG conversion are performed by a number of companies across the United States. For a complete list of companies doing CNG conversions see the resources below.

Tips & Warnings

  • Determine if a CNG conversion makes sense for you. Is there a station nearby that sells CNG? Do you mind giving up trunk space for a cleaner burning vehicle that produces less greenhouse gas?
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