How to Start an Insurance Premium Financing Company

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Insurance premium financing is one of the newest offerings in the insurance market. Basically, this activity involves having a bank extend an individual a line of credit to pay for an insurance policy over the course of a certain amount of time. Generally, this option is only available to clients over the age of 65, and most will need to already have a good financial standing. If the policy is needed during the term, the loan is paid in full from the funds. If not, the client can either pay off the loan and keep the policy or sell the policy on the secondary insurance market. Now you can get involved in this profitable approach to insurance; here's how.

Get Licensing. Because you are going to be working in the insurance field, you'll need to have a license to do so in every state in which you hope to offer your services. Be aware that many states have very different licensing requirements and some are fairly strict. Because this can be a time-consuming process, hand over the responsibility to your lawyer.

Look into a captive financing company. When you start this type of business, financing is going to be a big part of your success. If you control the financing company, you get to make the important decisions, such as what interest rates to charge and what other lending terms to set in motion. You also profit from the deals, even when things don't go well with the transaction. For example, normally, if the client had to sell the policy because he could not afford to pay off the loan you would end up taking a loss. If you own the financing company, that's not going to be the case.

Find clients. Even before you officially open the doors of your business, you should have your eye on potential clients. Hopefully, you already have a strong reputation in the insurance or financial planning market which will make lining up clients easier. If you are currently working in those fields, consider marketing yourself to existing clients if there would be no conflict of interest with your present employer. Another way to find new clients is to start hosting free seminars or by offering to do presentations for individual potential clients.

Consider outsourcing management. One of the popular options available for premium financing companies is to outsource their management to services that can run them. The benefit is that you'll be able to reap the benefits, but you won't necessary suffer if you don't have a lot of business acumen or if you want to continue working in your present field while also opening up this additional income stream.

Build your capital. Because of the higher than average capital costs required to start one of these companies, you'll need to either finance the business yourself or find some partners who will assist you. Remember that your expenses will be determined, in part, by how many policies you plan to extend. You may also not generate much profit right away either so you'll need to have sufficient capital to cover the costs of hiring a management team and covering all of the financing fees, such as interest, associated with each of these loans.

Tips & Warnings

  • Stick to your plan and adjust it as your business grows.

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