How to Turn on a Mac Computer

Powering on your Macintosh computer is as simple as pushing a button. However, finding that button can be difficult because it is located in different areas on various models of the computer. The standard power button has a symbol on it that resembles a broken circle with the circle opening at the top and a short, vertical line centered in that opening. Locate this symbol to get your Mac computer up and running.


    • 1

      Check that the computer is plugged in to a power source or, in the case of laptops, that it is charged up.

    • 2

      Locate the power button. It is usually located on the front of desktop models, the back of Mac Minis or iMacs, or in the top-right corner of the keyboard on laptop models.

    • 3

      Press the power button once to turn on the computer. Do not hold it down for an extended period.

    • 4

      The button illuminates in some models, and the computer turns on. An Apple logo appears on the screen briefly, followed by a screen for your login name and password. Enter this information, and your computer is ready to go.

Tips & Warnings

  • If your Macintosh computer seems to be on but is unresponsive, hold the power button down for five to 10 seconds until the computer turns off. Press the power button again to turn on your computer.
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