How to Play Dice Wars


"Dice Wars" closely resembles a simplified version of the classic table-top game, "Risk." A rough, randomly generated map shows multiple territories represented by different colors (depending on who controls them). The object of the game is to conquer these territories and eliminate your enemies using dice-based "attacks."

  • Go to the website that offers you the opportunity to play "Dice Wars" (see Resources below).

  • Choose your number of opponents. You may choose up to seven computer-based enemies, which will be represented by different colors. Click "Play."

  • Select a playing field. You will be given a choice between various automatically generated game fields. Knowing which ones will be easier or more challenging to play is a matter of experience. Bear in mind that you will be represented by the color violet.

  • Attack! You may attack any enemy territory with which one of your territories shares a border. Each territory (yours or your enemies') will have a number of dice on it. These dice will be "rolled" (a computer generated number based on probability) and the side with the higher number wins the battle. The side with more actual dice will obviously have a greater probability of winning. Attack by clicking on the territory of yours that you wish to attack with, then clicking the enemy territory you wish to attack. You may attack each territory only once. During your turn, you may attack as many territories as possible, or click "End turn" to allow all the other computer opponents to have their turn to attack.

  • Wait doing your opponents' turn and assess your next move. Your territories will be attacked during this time.

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