How to Draw Animation People


Animation can be a difficult form of artwork but with the proper foundation you can create your own moving characters that act out hilarious scenes right before your eyes. The most important thing that you can do if you want to learn animation is to master the basics. This article will show you one of the fundamentals of animation: how to draw people for animation. Follow along with this step-by-step method as you learn how to create the cornerstone for any good cartoon, the characters.

Things You'll Need

  • Paper
  • Pencil
  • Black ink pen
  • Kneaded eraser
  • Begin by drawing a skeletal frame for the characters. Draw an oval for each character's head. For the male (pictured on the left), draw the chest with a rectangle. Draw a curved cube for the female's chest. Create each character's pelvis with a triangular shape. Make the female's pelvis wider than the male's.

  • Draw the guidelines for the arms and legs with simple lines. Cross one leg over the other leg to give the female a different pose. Add the hands with circles. Draw the knees with small circles on the leg guidelines. Add the male's feet with two long ovals. Add the female's feet with triangular shapes.

  • Draw a cross or "T" shape inside each character's head. This will later serve to mark out where all the facial details will go.

  • Flesh out the shape of each character's body. Draw parallel lines around the guidelines to give the bodies form. Dip the waist in and out around the hips on the female. Add two circles to her chest to make her chest more feminine.

  • Create details on the frame of each character. Add a "rockabilly" hairdo on the mail with swirling shapes that stick out from the front of his head. Add a comical hairdo to the female with a large mushroom shape around her head.

  • Create the eye for each character by drawing a half circle above the horizontal line of the "T" cross, and adding a half circle underneath it for pupils. Add eyebrows with simple lines above the eyes. Add the nose on the female with a small horizontal line.

  • Create the mouth for each character with a curved horizontal line, ending in another curved vertical line. Add a small horizontal line under each mouth to show the lip. Add ears with small circles attached to the head. On the male, add a larger than life chin with a curved rectangular shape jutting out of his face.

  • Begin adding clothing details to the characters. Create a wacky 70's suit for the male by adding a large collar with triangular shapes and bell bottom jeans by flaring the bottom of his pants. Add cuffs with a triangular shape around the wrists.

  • Create the female's clothing. Draw the skirt with a triangular shape coming off the mid-thigh area. Add straps with vertical lines across the shoulders. Create boots with horizontal lines across the exposed leg of the female.

  • Create the the final details on the characters. Add buttons to the male's shirt with small circles. Add a necklace, earrings and bracelets to the female with loops around the neck, ears and wrists. Make belts for each character by drawing two parallel horizontal lines across the waist. Add a rectangle in the middle for the buckle. Add lines to the male's shoes on the front and heel section.

  • Erase all of the guidelines. Add knuckles to the character's hands with four raised lumps on their fist. Create fingers by simply drawing a line in between the knuckles. Touch up any details that were lost when you gently erased the guidelines.

  • Ink the entire drawing. Let the ink dry and erase all of the pencil lines. Darken in the belt of each character. Add shadows under the neck, collar, cuffs and pants of the male. Add shadows under the female's neck, bracelets and skirt, and a line of shadow across the back leg. Now you have your first set of animation characters. You can come up with hilarious situations for these characters to get into. You now have the one of the basic steps of animation mastered.

Tips & Warnings

  • Animation characters should be expressive and original. You can accomplish this with facial expressions, clothing and even hairstyles.

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