How to Speak Gibberish


Do you want to confuse your friends and family by speaking the Gibberish language? You can speak Gibberish to have fun and confuse others. Spend some time practicing, and pretty soon you'll be bragging that you can speak Gibberish.

Things You'll Need

  • Time & practice
  • Understand that all Gibberish entails is adding the sound 'ithig' in the middle of each spoken syllable of a word. Note that the 'i' sound is like the I in fish, and the 'g' sound is like the G in girl. The 'th' sound is like the Th in 'those.'

  • Practice the sounds of Gibberish out loud.

    Say 'ith.' Then say 'ig.' Practice saying them together: 'ithig.' Add a sound to the beginning: Withig. Pithig. Mithig. Add a sound to the end. Say 'Ithigoo' and 'Ithigi.'

    Practice by putting one syllable words together in Gibberish. Try to say 'me.' M-ithg-e. The ithig is interjected into the middle of the syllable. Try two syllable words. Middle. Mithigi-dithigle. Note that the d and l sounds in middle got split, because logically, that's where you'd split the sound.

  • Continue by practicing with one syllable words. Go would be githigo. So is sithigo. G-ithig-o. S-ithig-o. Me is mithige. M-ithig-e.

  • Get more complicated with Gibberish. Try longer words. (Trithigy lithigong-githiger withigords.) Note in the word longer, the g travels over to the second syllable, since it's a shared sound.

  • Ask others to learn Gibberish and speak Gibberish to you. Hearing others speak Gibberish will help you understand and absorb the language.

  • Teach and practice speaking Gibberish with your friends and family. Being able to speak Gibberish is one thing, but understanding others who speak gibberish is another entirely! Pretty soon, you and your friends will have your own secret language and will be Gibberish speaking experts!

  • Speak with others who speak Gibberish about the versions that they speak. Some people use idig intead of ithig. Others may use different vowel sounds. It's fun to compare, contrast, and maybe even modify Gibberish to make your own version.

Tips & Warnings

  • Don't give up! It can be tough but it's worth learning!
  • Different people may have different variations of gibberish.
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