How to Defeat the Pyramid Head Boss in "Silent Hill 2"


One of the most terrifying boss encounters in "Silent Hill 2" is with Pyramid Head, also known as the Red Pyramid Thing. To get protagonist James Sunderland past this brutal creature, you'll have to rely on speed and mobility. Near the end of the game, you'll have to battle not one but two of these creatures.

In the Blue Creek Apartment

  • Move into a corner of the room when you first encounter Pyramid Head in the stairwell. The boss will approach, getting ready to attack with his Great Knife.

  • Dodge to the side when Pyramid Head approaches and make your way to another corner. Pyramid Head will turn and come lumbering after you. Pyramid Head can't be killed, but he will stop attacking and leave after some time has passed. The time limit varies depending on the game's difficulty setting. You'll know Pyramid Head is about to leave when you hear a siren go off.

  • Shoot at Pyramid Head, if you want to; although you can't kill him, being shot slows him down briefly. If you're worried about getting hit, shooting Pyramid Head a few times can buy you the time you need to escape.

  • Avoid the Great Knife at all costs. Pyramid Head's sideways slashes do a lot of damage, and his overhead swing is a one-hit kill on most difficulty levels. Fortunately, he's very slow and his attack animation should give you adequate time to move. Continue to avoid his attacks until the siren sounds.

Fighting the Pyramid Head Duo

  • Avoid the two Pyramid Heads you encounter near the end in the same way that you avoided Pyramid Head during your first fight. Stick to the walls, running to the side when they approach.

  • Shoot the advancing Pyramid Heads with the Hunting Rifle. Other guns will also work, but the superior range and damage of the rifle make it a good choice. Although the bosses will pause for a moment when hit, you'll still only have time for two shots (three if you're skilled) before they get within spear range and you have to run to another corner. On Hard difficulty, they are faster and you won't have time for more than a shot or two.

  • Continue evading the bosses and shooting them when possible. Stay in the corners; moving into the center of the room means that you risk getting outflanked and attacked from two sides.

  • Inflict enough damage on the Pyramid Heads to cause them to return to the center of the room and kill themselves. The amount of damage varies depending on the difficulty level; harder difficulties require you to deal more damage, naturally.

Tips & Warnings

  • Patience is your best friend in the first Pyramid Head battle. The above strategy takes several minutes, during which you need to be alert to Pyramid Head's movements at all times.
  • Keep careful track of your ammunition during the second Pyramid Head fight. The last thing you want is to get speared while caught in a reloading animation.

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