How to Repair Dell Laptops


The first step in repairing your Dell laptop is to pinpoint the problem so you can have your system up and running quickly. Frequently, what appears to be a major problem at first glance ends up having a simple solution. An old or failed battery, a worn or bad connection or cord or a malfunctioning hard drive are all easy fixes. With a little know-how and the right tools, there’s no need to call in the big guns. Follow these steps to perform your Dell laptop repair yourself.

Things You'll Need

  • Set of small screwdrivers
  • Grounding bracelet or wire
  • Battery
  • Hard drive
  • RAM card
  • Laptop fan

Repair Dell Laptop

  • Check that your computer’s connections, power cord and outlet are secure and functioning properly. If any of these are malfunctioning, your laptop won’t power up. If everything is in working order and your computer still does not turn on, your battery may need replacing.

  • Read your owner’s manual to find out how to lengthen the battery’s life. If your batteries run out of power quickly, you may need to enable the “power saving modes” in your laptop’s software. These “modes” soften your monitor’s screen, decelerate your CPU and allow your drive to power down when not it is not being used. Generally this can be done through the Control Panel.

  • Install a new hard drive if your old one is corrupted or damaged or if you want more space. With your laptop powered down, remove the battery and ground yourself with a grounding bracelet or wire. Take out the old drive, remove the drive bracket and attach it to your new hard drive. Replace the drive and verify that it is fully seated.

  • Improve your laptop’s speed by adding extra RAM. Release the cover on the underside of your computer. Remove the tabs securing the RAM and take the old card out. Reverse your steps to insert the new RAM and replace the cover.

  • Consider replacing your laptop’s fan if your computer is making a clicking sound, the fan takes a while to start up or doesn’t come on at all, or if your keyboard and the underside of your machine are hot. Remove the keyboard, palm rest and microprocessor thermal cooling assembly and disconnect the fan from the system board. Insert a new fan and reverse the steps. Consult your Dell laptop’s repair manual for more details.

Tips & Warnings

  • Ground yourself at all times when performing repair work on your laptop.
  • Not all Dell laptops need a battery to operate.

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