How to Find the Secret Character Adahn in "Planescape Torment"


The text-driven PC role-playing game "Planescape Torment" places a huge emphasis on dialog and the idea that belief can change reality. If you choose to have the main character in the game consistently lie to non-player characters and tell them that his name is "Adahn," eventually a person name Adahn will come into existence and can be met inside of a bar in the city of Sigil.

  • Start a new game and put most of your initial character points into the wisdom and intelligence attributes so that they are both at least 16.

  • Escape from the room in the Mortuary where your main character is trapped at the beginning of the game, and explore the other areas in the building.

  • Speak with the Dustmen wandering the halls and always choose the Dialog option to lie and tell them that you are called "Adahn" when they ask for your name.

  • Leave the Mortuary and head into the streets of the city of Sigil. Speak with all the townspeople you find and also tell them that your name is Adahn if they ask.

  • Go inside the Gathering Dust Bar and tell all the Dustmen inside that your name is Adahn.

  • Head to the Smoldering Corpse Bar. If you have told at least 12 people that your name is Adahn, there will now be a person in the bar named Adahn who can't remember where he came from.

Tips & Warnings

  • Talk to Adahn after he appears and you will have the opportunity to convince him to give you some nice equipment, as long as you don't mention that he isn't real.
  • Lying to people about your name will move the main character closer to a chaotic alignment, so balance your actions with more lawful deeds if you want to keep a higher alignment.

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