How to Have a Baby on "The Sims"


As a simulation game series based on real life, having a baby in "The Sims" franchise naturally doesn't deviate very much from the real world; however, what is different is the method to have and care for a baby, as there are slight changes with each new sequel. When your Sim is ready to introduce a new little Sim to the world, prepare yourself for a little trial and error, as the process isn't always as straightforward as it seems it should be.

Having a Baby in "The Sims" (2000)

  • In the first game of the series, there are two ways to have a baby: natural childbirth or adoption. However, most of the process is straightforward or otherwise out of your Sim's control. For example, your Sim cannot adopt a baby on a whim; he'll need to wait for social worker to randomly call. Sims who aren't in a strong romantic relationship won't ever receive adoption calls.

    To have a baby on your own schedule, a male and female Sim must maximize their relationship to 100 to improve the odds. Unlike later games, there's no penalty to repeating actions, so spam that Kiss interaction. If you have the "Livin' Large" expansion pack, Sims can "play in bed" instead. Randomly, you'll see a pop-up appear asking if the two Sims should have a baby. Accepting bypasses the pregnancy stage, instantaneously rewarding you with a bundle in a bassinet.

Making a Baby in "The Sims 2"

  • "The Sims 2" takes the baby-making process to another level with more involved interactions. In this game, you'll need to use the Try for Baby interaction successfully. This appears in romantic relationships at the same time WooHoo becomes available; strengthen your Sim's romantic relationship and ensure her Needs aren't low, and the option will appear after performing enough romantic interactions.

    To adopt, you have more options available. Agencies don't stalk and solicit your Sim any longer: A prospective parent can now dial the Adoption Service on a phone. Be sure to have 3,000 Simoleons in the household and less than eight family members living on the lot.

    Male Sims can also get pregnant. Obviously, this takes a little more work than simple procreation. Using the Farstar e3 Telescope may trigger an alien abduction, returning the now-pregnant victim after five hours. He can expect his new green alien baby in three days.

Pregnancy and Influencing Gender in "The Sims 3"

  • The act of having a baby doesn't change in "The Sims 3," but you'll need to take extra care during the pregnancy stage for this installment. The mother needs to be in a good mood throughout the pregnancy, or else you won't be given the option to select the baby's starting traits -- and you probably don't want to deal with the consequences of the game's random selection. After all, nobody wants a baby who is Evil, Brooding and Hot-Headed.

    Certain foods influence an unborn baby's gender. If the pregnant mother eats apples, she's more likely to give birth to a baby boy. Watermelon, on the other hand, influences the odds of having a girl.

Interacting with the Baby in "The Sims 4"

  • "The Sims 4" was the first of the series to streamline many newborn and infancy interactions. For starters, babies once again become part of the bassinet; parents can pick up the newborn for a meal or to rock him to sleep, but he won't otherwise leave the object until growing into a child.

    Babies can age immediately. Clicking on the bassinet and selecting "Age Up" at any time advances the baby into the Child stage; there is no toddler stage in "The Sims 4." If you don't choose this option, the baby ages on its own automatically after a few days, depending on your aging settings; babies grow after three days on the Normal lifespan. Disabling aging in the Options menu prevents babies from automatically growing, on the other hand.

    The baby cannot be the active Sim. Unlike the previous game, you can't click the baby to check its Needs bars. It's still fairly clear what the baby cries about, though: a green cloud emitting from its bassinet means it needs a diaper change, or else it needs to be picked up and fed.

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