How to Change a Starter in a 1994 Ford Taurus


How to change the starter

Things You'll Need

  • A new starter
  • a jack and jackstands
  • wrenches
  • ratchet and sockets (optional)
  • Disconnect the negative terminal on the battery. It will be a black wire with a minus (-) sign by the terminal. This is an important step! Not doing this can cause you to get a bad shock from the starter, enough to do damage!

  • Use the jack to raise and support the vehicle. Jack it up, then lower it onto the jack stands so it is supported and doesn't fall on you.

  • Find the starter. It looks like a tin can and it in the transmission bellhousing, which looks like a large bell.

  • Remove the rubber cover and take off the bolt holding the wire onto the starter. Also carefully unplug the wire harness. It should have a little tab you push down then pull the harness out.

  • Remove the two or three bolts (depending on which engine) holding the started in. Also remove any bracket or support holding it in.

  • Remove the starter. On manual cars, it should fit in between the subframe and the engine. On automatic cars, it will fit in between the subframe and the radiator.

  • Put the new starter in, install the bolts and supports that held it in, and reattach the wire and wire harness. Lower the car, reattach the negative cable to the battery and you should be good to go!
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