How to Forge the Red Dragon Plate Mail in Baldur's Gate 2


The legendary dwarf smith Cromwell in the PC role-playing game Baldur's Gate 2 will forge the hides and scales of various monsters into armor for your party of adventurers to use. If you can mange to find and defeat a red dragon, then Cromwell will turn the scales into a suit of magical plate-mail.

  • Escape from the dungeon of the evil wizard Irenicus at the beginning of the game and enter the city of Athkatla.

  • Go inside the tavern called the Copper Coronet in the middle of the Slums District.

  • Speak with the man in the Copper Coronet named Jierdan and accept his offer of gold in exchange for wiping out some monsters. He will mark down the location of the Windspear Hills on the party's world map.

  • Leave Athkatla and travel to the Windspear Hills. Go inside the abandoned temple ruins there and make your way to the bottom level.

  • Find the red dragon named Firkraag at the lowest level of the ruins, kill him and take the dragon scales from his corpse.

  • Return to Athkatla and go to the home of the dwarf smith Cromwell in the Docks District. Cromwell will charge the party 5,000 gold and then forge the scales into a suit of Red Dragon plate-mail.

Tips & Warnings

  • Anyone wearing the red dragon mail will be much more resistant to fire damage than normal.
  • There are several quests tied to Firkraag, so if you kill him before being assigned those quests, you will be unable to complete them.

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