How to Rotate Tires in a Nissan Sentra


The Nissan Sentra has performed moderately well in the marketplace since its debut in 1982. It's as durable as most Nissan products. The tires will last longer and wear more evenly with regular tire rotation every 5,000 miles. If you don't have access to a hydraulic lift, then follow these steps to rotate the tires yourself. Tire rotation is best done on a flat surface with the entire car lifted up.

Things You'll Need

  • Four jacks
  • Lug nut wrench
  • Loosen the lug nuts on each tire with a lug nut wrench.

  • Stick a block of wood behind the back tires to keep the car from rolling while you jack up the front of the car.

  • Place two jack stands under the front of the vehicle, one on each side and jack up the car, leaving just enough room to take off tires. Lift the rear up on the other two jack stands.

  • Use an "X" pattern each time you rotate the tires. Move the passenger side rear tire to the front, and passenger side front to driver side rear. Switch driver side rear tire to the front and driver side front to passenger side rear.

  • Tighten the lug nuts by hand so the tires will stay on.

  • Lower the rear first and replace the wood behind the tires. Lower the front end and then go around and tighten each lug nut with the lug nut wrench to its tightest fit.

Tips & Warnings

  • Do not allow anyone to go under the car while it's jacked up.
  • Never use bumper jacks to raise a car.
  • When you rotate tires yourself, you will not get the benefit of balancing that is done in a service station.

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