How to Gain the "Dark Eternal" Triple Tech in Chrono Trigger


The Super Nintendo role playing game Chrono Trigger features a "tech" battle system in which the members of the party can combine their physical and magical talents into a single devastating attack. Some of these triple techs, such as "Dark Eternal," require the party to have found a specific item in addition to having acquired certain magical powers.

Things You'll Need

  • Chrono Trigger Super Nintendo Game
  • Super Nintendo Entertainment System
  • Play through the game until the party defeats Ayla and his robotic dinosaur and then travels through the portal at the Reptite lair, which will take them to the year 12,000 B.C.

  • Travel through the teleportation devices and land bridges in 12,000 B.C. until the party reaches the city called Kajar.

  • Locate the three elemental books scattered throughout Kajar that can be opened if the party examines them. Open the water book, followed by the wind book, and finally the fire book. If the books are opened in the proper order, a doorway will appear nearby that leads to a secret chamber.

  • Enter the secret chamber and take the item inside called the "Black Rock."

  • Continue through the game until the party gains Magus as a playable character.

  • Fight in random battles to gain tech points until Magus learns the tech called "Dark Matter," Lucca learns the tech called "Flare," and Marle learns the tech called "Life 2."

  • Equip the Black Rock in the "accessory" slot for Magus, Marle, or Lucca. When you enter combat with all three of those characters together the triple tech "Dark Eternal" will now be available to use.

Tips & Warnings

  • Dark Eternal is a Shadow magic attack, so it may heal certain undead enemies.
  • You can still equip the Black Rock on Magus, Marle, or Lucca before they have the necessary techs to be able to use Dark Eternal, so make sure you have everything you need to use the attack before equipping the item.

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