How to Create a Michelle Tanner Costume


Mary Kate Olsen and Ashley Olsen played Michelle Tanner when they were far too young to know anything about acting. The two were babies when they first appeared on the hit sitcom "Full House." America watched them grow up. The twins who played Michelle are still in the spotlight, and the character lives on in reruns that enchant and delight children every day. You can dress up like Michelle for Halloween...or have your kid do so. It's not hard to assemble a cute costume of the youngest member of the Tanner family.

  • Watch an episode or two of "Full House" that centers on Michelle. This is not hard to do. She is placed centrally in many episodes. You want to make sure that you know her sayings. You'll hear her say, "You got it, dude." Other phrases include, "Yes, you do." Say this when somebody tells you no. Repeat it until they say yes. Feel free to add in cute mannerisms to get your way. That's what Michelle would do.

  • Get a short, blond wig. It should be golden blond and able to be parted down the middle. If you have short hair that's blond in color, you are one step ahead of the game! Part the hair (or wig) down the middle with a comb or pick. Pull up each side in a pony tail. You should have two pig tails now. That's part of Michelle's cute look!

  • Put on a cute dress fit for someone in pre-school. If you are an adult trying to pull off a Michelle costume, this can be tough. You definitely don't want to pervert the costume my going with a "short skirt" or "short dress" approach. Keep the fun and innocence of "Full House" with the costume. Watching some episodes can give you an idea, though. Kids should stick with a pinafore sort of dress that was modern for 1990. Adults should probably go with jeans and a childlike T-shirt. Michelle wears all sorts of things.

  • Wear some socks and sneakers fit for 1990. Think retro kid. It should spell fun times and carefree style. Use your imagination here since Michelle sported many types of footwear.

  • Put two cute ribbons in your hair--one on each pony tail--that match your outfit. Michelle is a well-coordinated little "munchkin" (as Uncle Jessie likes to call her).

  • Practice acting like Michelle. A great deal of this costume will rely on your attitude and expressions. Put your thumb up in an approval position and say, "You got it, dude!" Do this all night long. There will be no mistaking who you are. Practice doing the fish face like Michelle loved to do. Singing along to Raffi was also a popular past time. Begging men to sing you "Teddy Bear" is acceptable. Get in touch with your inner Michelle, and you will be able to pull of this fun costume with ease.

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