How to Hide Money in the House


Finding great places to hide money usually isn't as much a matter of thinking up something new and different as it is thinking up something almost too ordinary. Since a burglar could just as easily read this article, the answer doesn't really lie in finding a place no one will think of. It lies in finding places that they are more trouble than it's worth to bother with.

Things You'll Need

  • Zipper locked bag
  • Let one of those hanging cleaners that color your water run empty. Then cut a "T" shaped cut in the back and stuff a little zipper lock bag in it with your cash. Make sure the seal is closed well. You'll have to push the stuff in there so you may have to cut the back to get it out but it's a great place few people would ever look. Just sticking things in the toilet tank isn't such an original place, so skip that one. Other bathroom places to try are the inside any bottle of shampoo, bath oil or conditioner that's not see through. Just put your stuff inside in a sealed zipper bag and guide it into the bottle. Nobody is going to open all your bottles of bath goodies.

  • Recycle all that great junk! Do you have an old fish tank that no longer holds water? Put a layer of rocks. Put some paper down, but cut it so that it's a couple of inches from the sides. Add a zip lock or two with your money and cover with another sheet of the paper. Cover all the edges and the top with the rocks. Now add some little plants in tiny pots or even some funky plastic and silk things and try to make it look like something you'd want in your house. You can also gut an old TV, monitor, or tower and hide stuff inside. If it looks old, crooks won't steal it. You can also slide folded cash inside an empty port in a tower. Just be sure it's not one that a thief would love to get his hands on.

  • Did you ever think about how much space there is under your rugs? If you have wall to wall carpet, it's really easy to pull up a corner of the rug and slip something flat under it and stuff it back under the baseboard. It's completely undetectable and it doesn't hurt your carpet.A huge area rug can be used, too, but you have to put the envelope in the middle so it doesn't get disturbed if anyone trips and lifts the edge of the rug up.

  • Look for little places that are just made to hide things. A sewing machine always has a little plastic cubbyhole that closes and holds bobbins or thread. It could hold rings or money, too. Pull almost all of the tissues out of square tall tissue box. Stuff your goodies inside and put the tissues neatly back inside. If you have a million socks, fold them all up in rolls. In a few really ordinary looking pairs, hide some jewelry. Put these socks in one back corner of the sock drawer. Do you have one of those hanging diaper holders? Slip goodies inside in between the two diapers near the bottom and don't use those two. Do you have a cat box with a lid? If no one's using it just now drag it back out, fill it with litter and hide things inside or tape an envelope to the inside of the lid.

  • Get thirsty. If you have one of those water services with the little tap on it, these things are just about hollow inside. They make a great hiding place. There's also a ton of space under the drum of the dryer and under the tub of the washer. Some have fronts that lift right off - check them out. Get educated. Hide things in books only if you have an enormous collection of them. You can take a thick book, glue the pages together and take an exacto knife and carefully cut out a square inside of it. Make sure the book looks normal in your collection and slip it in. Take a piece of floor molding off of the wall. Cut a piece off of it and nail the rest in place. Cut the sheet rock out from the wall between the beams (use a stud finder if you need to) and then fit it back right where it came from. Use only one nail and just pull it off with a butter knife. Make sure it's in a corner or behind a chair or something so empty nail holes won't be unsightly. You could fill them if you still have matching paint and then it would be perfect.

  • The places inside a house are endless if you just sit in each room with a critical eye. Think of something that will just be too much trouble to go to to look for something quickly. Try in the dead space under the dishwasher, in the drip pan under the refrigerator, behind the broiler pan under the oven, or inside an oven mitt in the back of a drawer.

Tips & Warnings

  • If you have a safety deposit box, use it for really expensive irreplaceable valuables. Nothing is without some risk. Fires and floods and so on happen as well as burglars so keep things that really need protection safe.
  • Don't forget where you've put something. Keep a little scrap of paper inside your desk at work or in your wallet that says second rafter from opening to the left in the attic or baseboard behind the piano. You don't have to say what it is but write it down somewhere just in case. If you don't live alone, tell the other person. Both of you aren't likely to forget.

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