How to Take Out Braids

Take Out Braids
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Braids are a beautiful way to fix your hair and a fun way to try something new. However, it is important to know how to take care of your braids in order to keep your hair healthy and undamaged. One of the most important things about braids is knowing how to remove them when you are ready. Follow a few important steps to take out braids like a pro.

Things You'll Need

  • Spray bottle with water or conditioner
  • Comb with pointed end
  • Wide toothed comb or pick

Gather your tools together before getting started. You will need a spray bottle with water or else a spray-on conditioner or moisturizer. Also, you need a comb with a long, slim pointed handle or with a metal pick at the end of it.

Moisturize the hair before starting to take out the braids. Often hair has become dry and brittle while in the braids and if it is not properly moisturized, the hair may break.

Remove any hair bands or ties that are keeping the braids secure. If you have extensions, cut off the extensions just below where the real hair begins.

Using the long end of the comb, begin to remove the braids by pushing the pointed end into the braid about a quarter inch from the end. Pull the comb gently downwards and the braid will separate and come free.

Continue up the braid with the same motion, moisturizing as often as needed to keep the hair moist. If the hair starts to tangle or the comb will not go through, it is likely because you tried to take out too big a section at a time. Move back towards the end of the braid and start with a smaller section.

Finish taking out the braid and then gently de-tangle the braid with a wide-toothed comb or pick. Comb the ends first and slowly work your way up to the scalp.

Go to the next braid and repeat the steps until all of the braids are removed. Once they are all out, spray the hair again with your chosen moisturizer and then comb through the entire head of hair, starting at the ends and working upwards.

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