How to Edit Pictures Using Photoshop

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There are several ways to edit pictures using Photoshop. By using all the tools available, you can edit pictures in many ways to create all types of images.


  1. Keep in mind that the index across the top of the editing screen in Photoshop has a variety of ways to edit a picture. The "Image" button helps with resizing, rotating or transforming photos, while the "Enhance" button helps with changing the color, saturation and contrast of an image. For more advanced edits, use the filters to change the look of an image or learn how to use layers to create new effects.

  2. Understand that the tool box is along the left side of the editing screen. The tool box features allow you to enhance, subtract from or add to an image. You can experiment with erasing areas of an image, adding shapes, cloning one aspect of an image onto another image, and reducing red eye. There are also paint brushes and blur tools.

  3. Know that the editing screen lets you enter other areas of Photoshop, where you can email your edited pictures or use them to make calenders and slideshows.

  4. Be aware that tools along the right side of the edit screen help you edit your picture. You can add effects to your image, such as making the photo look like a watercolor or adding a metallic effect to a shape. This is also the area in which you can organize the layers you have made in the image by moving them around, deleting them or changing their opacity.

  5. Know that along the bottom of the editing screen is the bin. The bin displays all the images you are editing at that time. This is a useful tool when you are going back and forth among pictures or combining photos.

Tips & Warnings

  • Save your original images in case you do not like the edits you complete.
  • Experiment with all the edit functions to see how each works and which ones you like best.
  • Use the Adobe Photoshop help center to learn more about the different tools (see Resources).



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