How to Use a Weapon in "World of Warcraft"


"World of Warcraft" touts some of the biggest weapons known to Azeroth, but you'll need to learn what you're doing before you can get your own. Different classes use different weapons in this game, so the kind of weapon you can equip depends on the kind of character you created.

Equipping a Weapon

  • Press "B" to open up your inventory after receiving a weapon for a quest reward. You can't equip every weapon you find; for example, hunters can use bows, while swords are left to warriors. If you can't equip the item, it'll appear red instead of its usual color. Right-clicking the weapon immediately equips it, and right-clicking an enemy attacks it. Remember to check the numbers on new weapons you get; if they give you more of your class's main stat, equip that one instead.

Targeting Enemies

  • Depending on the type of weapon you have, you'll need to be within a certain range of an enemy before you can successfully hit it. Blade users like rogues have to walk right up to a monster before right-clicking, but bows and staves allow hunters and mages to keep their distance while using abilities. Pressing the "Tab" key lets you cycle between enemies, targeting different ones to spread out your damage -- something you'll find defensive players doing often.

Ending the Fight

  • When either you or the enemy hits zero health, that character dies. If the enemy dies, you can loot it for a reward. If you die, you need to return to your body and respawn. You won't lose any items, but your equipment loses a little durability. Vendors that sell armor or weapons can repair damaged items.

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