How to Look Thinner in a Week


Do you have a special occasion that you need to look your best for? Are you heading for the beach for a vacation. Here are some tips to help you lose that extra 5 or more pounds, as well as some fat, within a week, so you will look your best!

  • Eat raw vegetables all week. Also eat more fruits. These are low calorie, nutritious and filling, which will contribute to weight loss.

  • Drink lots of water to flush your system. Water is a natural cleanser, and gives you a feeling of fullness, so you eat less.

  • Perform a colon cleanse. You can buy these over the counter. They cleanse the system and help you lose pounds in the process.

  • Switch to water. You will instantly lose weight if you are a soda, beer or other drinker of high calorie beverages.

  • Do cardio for sixty minutes everyday. This will help you burn fat and calories which will contribute to weight loss.

  • Use a cellulite cream. They tighten the outer skin layer and give the appearance of smoother, thicker skin.

  • Use a buffer to stimulate areas that have cellulite. It will help smooth the tissue.

  • Put on self tanner. A tan always makes you look thinner. Do not get one from the sun though. That is unhealthy.

  • Take B vitamins. They increase energy which leads to weight loss. B-12 in particular will help increase energy levels.

  • Take a vitamin with green tea supplementation. Green tea increases fat burning and metabolism.

  • Get a thermogenic fat burner. Check the health food store. They are usually found in body-building supplements. Losing fat equates to weight loss.

  • Try a carbohydrate blocker. Carbohydratess can cause many people to gain and maintain excess weight.

  • Cortisol might help. If your weight is related to stress, a cortisol product may be beneficial. Cortisol overproduction can contribute to weight gain, so it makes sense that to lose weight, you should decrease cortisol.

  • Check your thyroid. Any imbalance of the thyroid will cause weight fluctuations. Sometimes all it takes is some medication to regulate your thyroid to help with weight loss.

  • Drink caffeine to boost metabolism, especially before a workout. Using caffeine as a body scrub has also been shown to decrease cellulite.

  • Get a supplement with chromium and l-carnitine. These are amino acids that regulate certain body functions and will help you lose weight and lose body fat.

  • Use Spanx or other body trimming garments to help you appear slimmer.

  • Get a professional body wrap. They are done by putting specific herbs or chemicals on the body and wrapping you from neck to feet. You then exercise for a half hour or so. You will immediately lose inches.

  • All of these techniques will not only help you to lose weight, but also make you appear thinner by decreasing bloat and cellulite appearance.

Tips & Warnings

  • Be sure to get a physical and check with a doctor before taking supplements or blockers.

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