How to Create Your Own Coat of Arms

Would you like to create a unique family heirloom that represents and distinguishes you from everyone else? You can design your own coat of arms that is uniquely you. Use it as an opportunity to learn more about your ancestors, history, and yourself. Once you create it, you can proudly display your coat of arms. Print your coat of arms on address labels, letterhead, and stamps. Make emblems to display on the front door, mailbox, or driveway entrance. How do you create your own coat of arms?

Things You'll Need

  • Paints or markers
  • Cardboard, wood, leather, or metal
  • Construction paper
  • Glue (soldering iron if using metal)
  • Feathers, beads, fur, leather (optional)
  • Templates for designs (optional )


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      Coat of Arms of Argentina

      Think about what you want your coat of arms to say about you. When people look at it do you want them to see what is most important to you? Perhaps you want to display your family ancestry, heritage, or values. Because it is your coat of arms, you can even make a combination of themes. Are you protective? You might consider using a bear to represent that. If you persevere no matter what, use a camel, a bee represents industriousness. You can find more of these ideas by following links in the resource section.

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      Decide on the materials you will use to make your coat of arms. You should make an original out of cardboard or create it on one of the internet sites listed in the resource section of this article. Later you can make it from metal, leather, or wood once you have the design. If you choose to use traditional heraldic colors you can find out what each color means then choose the ones that best represent you. Are you a generous person? Then use yellow or gold on your coat of arms. Use white or silver to represent peace and sincerity.

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      Cut out your shield. You can use a common heraldic design such as a bend with a diagonal stripe or a chevron with is like an upside down V. You can make it any shape you would like.

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      Paint your shield. When it is dry turn it over and paint the other side. Remember to review what the different colors mean.

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      Use your templates to draw the symbols you will glue onto your shield. You can work on this while the paint is drying. You may have chosen one of the animals listed. Some other common items to place on shields are an ax to represent duty, or a crescent to represent enlightenment. However if your family loves to camp or play soccer, feel free to use those symbols instead of traditional symbols. Cut out your symbols and paint or color them as needed.

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      Glue your symbols on to your shield when it is dry. You may also want to add feathers, pieces of animal fur, or leather. Once it dries, display it with pride.

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      Register your coat of arms if you intend to use it on all of your documents so you don't run into trademark disputes.

Tips & Warnings

  • Liquid nails works a little better than regular school glue for applying craft items.
  • Use colored cardboard and construction paper instead of paints.
  • Apply for a U.S. copyright before spending a lot of money to print your design.
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