How to Make Flash Intros

Free Intro Builder allows you to create and download intros in a snap. It takes the guesswork out of making it all happen. What it really boils down to is the vision or context of the the planned intro. Here we examine and prioritize the basic marketing techniques that should always be implemented when creating context for your website intro. Read on to learn how to make flash intros.

Things You'll Need

  • PC with Internet connection
  • Intro Builder
  • Website
  • Microsoft Word


    • 1

      Determine who your prospect is and tailor the multimedia experience by concentrating on your own unique selling proposition. This step allows you to build professionalism and credibility. Whether you use the flash intro for business or for fun, it is always going to be important to make the intro as unique as possible. This step requires you to write out the plan for the context you insert in the following step. Write out your plan using Microsoft Word.

    • 2

      Understand Intro Builder is designed to promote interaction. The user-friendly resources allows for the insertion of text, and the modification of colors, position and scale. You can insert text to your liking, and just relax. Creating flash intros has never been this easy; you don’t even need to know any fancy Macromedia Flash skills.

    • 3

      Choose background color wisely to ensure you keep the prospect website visitor glued to the monitor at all times.

    • 4

      Select image template and play with the color, position and scale until its just right. This will give your viewers the option to view proof if you play your cards carefully. This is very important because it leads to you establishing yourself as an expert.

    • 5

      Choose your movie clip template and customize color, position and scale.

    • 6

      Select your unique sound template to keep the website visitors excited.

    • 7

      Insert your link and modify color, position and scale. All these steps are done in minutes with the drag-and-click interface.

    • 8

      This final step is where you add your own jpg file and set its position and scale.

Tips & Warnings

  • If you paint the right picture when creating text for your intro your prospect will continue to read everything that is on your
  • page.
  • Consider emotional hot buttons you can push.
  • Choosing the right color can be pleasing to the eyes and therefore more appealing to the brain. Carefully select the colors for your flash intro.
  • Select the best available templates, coordinating them by color.
  • Apply these methods just right and your profits might just blast a hole right through the roof of your business.
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