How to Create an Email ID

Technology has come a long way, and more and more houses in America are equipped with computers and the Internet. The first thing someone usually does when they get online is register for an email account. If this is your first time online, you may not know how to create an email ID.

Things You'll Need

  • Computer
  • Internet
  • Creative ideas
  • Paper
  • Pen


    • 1

      Connect your computer to the Internet.

    • 2

      Open a Web browser and type in the Web address of the company with which you want to get an email ID. Yahoo is free and very easy to set up (see Resources below).

    • 3

      Click on "Sign up." On the Yahoo page this says "Don't have a Yahoo ID?" above it. All other companies should have an equally identifiable button right on the front page.

    • 4

      Fill out your personal information. This includes your name, date of birth, gender and country. Most companies do not ask for your specific address. You should never be asked for anything as personal as a Social Security number. This is not necessary to get an email account, so be suspicious if this is solicited.

    • 5

      Get out a pen and paper and begin writing out email ID's that you would like to have. he best ones are easy to remember. Your name or a nickname that everyone knows you by are good places to start. Stay away from phrases such "I JustTturned50" because in 10 years you won't be 50 anymore. If you are dating someone it's also not a good idea to use "RockysGirl" because you may break up a few months later and you will have to change your email ID. List about 10 ID's and put them in order, from most favorite to least.

    • 6

      Start with your favorite ID and type it in the ID box on the email service's Web page and click "Check." A few seconds later you will be told whether this ID is taken or not taken. If it is taken they will give you suggestions you can use, but they almost always revolve around your name. You can choose one of them when you have finished going through your list of favorites.

    • 7

      Create a password. This is usually longer than eight characters and it is best to make it a combination of both letters and numbers. There will be a bar next to the password that will light up how strong your password is (the stronger the better, because that means it is harder for someone to guess it).

    • 8

      Type in the letters on the screen and click done. The letters are there so they know a real human being is registering and not some computer robot. It's just a safety measure taken by the company.

    • 9

      Let your friends know what your new email address is and start sending and receiving your emails.

Tips & Warnings

  • If your name is taken, but you still want to use it try typing a "1" or "123" in front of or behind your name.
  • If you share a computer with other people in your house, make sure you don't click the "Remember Me" button, or everyone in your house will have access to your email account.
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