How to Chug a Beer Quickly


Known as chugging, necking, or skulling a beer. It's one of the rituals that you will inevitably be invited to partake in as a college student. With a bit of practice and the knowledge imparted to you here, you can become a much faster beer chugger.

Things You'll Need

  • Plastic Cup (16 oz. or 20 oz.)
  • Water or Beer
  • If you try to practice this with beer, please remember to know your limits. Alcohol poisoning is a real concern, so don't overdo it. Don't chug beer and attempt to drive. Drinking and driving don't mix.

  • Fill your plastic cup about two thirds full with water or beer. It will be easier to practice with a good amount of liquid, but not so much that you're worried about spilling it.

  • Hold the cup with your thumb and index finger directly under the rim. Turn your hand 90 degrees so that both your thumb and index finger are pointed back at you.

  • Squeeze the cup so that the cup becomes oval in shape. You will pour from the narrow end of the oval so as to reduce any spillage.

  • Take the cup to your lips, and pour as much water or beer into your mouth as you can fit. Once you cannot pour any more water/beer into your mouth, swallow.

  • Continue to pour the water/beer into your mouth as quick as possible, swallowing when your mouth becomes full, until you finish your drink. You'll want to finish your drink in as few gulps as possible.

  • When your drink is empty, throw your cup to the ground, or turn it upside down on top of your head, or whatever your group's agreed upon finishing is.

Tips & Warnings

  • The trick to this method is pouring as much as possible and then taking one large gulp. This will be slower than somebody that can truly open their throat, but that is very rarely found.
  • To improve your speed, try to pour even more into your mouth than in previous practice. If you can finish a cup in three gulps instead of four, you will be quicker.
  • Learn how many gulps it takes to finish a given cup size. If you normally drink from 16 oz. cups, practice how many gulps you can quickly finish in.
  • Learning to keep pouring while swallowing at the same time is the key to getting even faster.
  • Please know your limits. Chugging beer introduces a lot of beer into your system quickly, and you get drunk before you realize it.
  • Don't drink and drive. Practice at home or get a designated driver.

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