How to Work with your hair in humidity


We have all experienced it. We style our hair as if we are into another normal day, yet three hours in the humidity rises and your hair begins to rise as well. Looking frizzy and returning to its natural curl. Not what any of us wants. Continue reading on how to fight humidity...

Things You'll Need

  • Crème & curl moisture products
  • Setting sprays (wet styling products)
  • Hair spray
  • Anti-frizz products

Know the enemy- WHAT IS HUMIDITY? Moisture is humidity. The higher the humidity the more moisture there is in the air. This can wreak havoc with a hairstyle. Creating frizzy hair that will return to its original shape- wave or curl. Low Humidity- can encourage static electricity and can also become a problem for your hair.

How do I work with my hair in high humidity? Product is key. Yes you can feel it in your hair, without it the moisture (humidity) in the air will be feeling your hair into a new fuzzy shape, so get over the "I don't like the feel of product bit" and get closer to looking great in humid weather. If you have curl or wave in your hair you will start with a product that will fill the hair full of moisture (better word balance the porosity). Then apply a straightening product with strong hold, like a gelee. Apply properly- section the hair into small sections (yes it will take time). Then apply a defrizz product from midshaft through the ends. If your hair is straight begin with a product like a leave in conditioner, then apply a hold product like a spray gel, then from midshaft through the ends a defrizz product. Blow-dry your hair section by section and use hairspray on the sections while they are still heated to help hold the shape longer through the humidity.

How do I work with my hair in extremely non-humid days? Start off with a product to get moisture into the hair. Then apply anti static or defrizz products. Then apply a hold product like spray gel. Expect to refresh the hair with a spray shine or moisture spray product through the day.

How do I style my hair to defend against humidity? Curly hair on high humidity days, we all know will end up fuzzy & curly. So let it be curly- just start the day off with a lot of moisture based products in that hair (leave in conditioners). Be prepared through the day to touch the hair up with defrizz products. The higher the humidity and the more sensitive your hair, the more you will need to do this. If your hair is wavy or straight, you are lucky because it is a ponytail day for you. There are many ways a ponytail can be dressed up to look professional or just beautiful. However you will still need to add a strong hold wet styling product like a spray gel. Also be prepared to refresh mid-day with a little defrizz and hairspray.

  1. Know when it is coming and be prepared. Check this site out, the a wonderful sight that gives you the humidity forecast for your hair and your area of the country.

Tips & Warnings

  • Talk to your hairstylist for tips on what products will work best for your hair- OR... email me, I would be very willing to help with specific product recommendations.
  • More hold & moisture products on humid days. It will take longer & more heat to blow-dry, curl & flat iron the hair on these days.
  • More anti static & moisture products on non-humid days. Use less blow-drying and heat source tools (flat irons, curling irons) you can use them just make sure that you do not over do it. On the dry days your hair will take less time to blow-dry, curl & flat iron, set the heat setting a bit lower.
  • Please do not be an idiot- in 80%-100% humidity, you might as well hang out in a steam room, and your hair is going to struggle, style it appropriately and just deal with it. Stop being unreasonable and learn how to adapt.

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