How to Draw a Chicken


Drawing a chicken takes only a little imagination and a willingness to have fun. This is one of the easiest illustrations to recognize and there are no special skills needed to fabricate this funny fowl. You don’t have to know why he crossed the road or if the egg came before him. A few simple steps will be all you need to draw a chicken.

Things You'll Need

  • Pen or other drawing instrument
  • Paper
  • Draw his two eyes. Since chickens are kooky and fun, you may want to make his eyes a little lopsided and very roundish.

  • Add the beak and that dangling thing that hangs beside it. A chicken’s beak is a simple triangle while the dangling thing can be any shape of your liking, as long as it dangles down below the beak and does not look like it’s part of it.

  • Give your chicken a funky hairstyle and a big, fat body. The hair is actually feathers popping up from above his eyes. You can give him a flattop, which would simply be a straight, square head. Or, have some fun and top his head with spikes or bulbs. His body is simply a half-circle; imagine a tall, short boat or think of Pac Man on his side with his mouth open really wide.

  • Fill in further details. Draw two thin sticks to serve as legs. You can be a tad more elaborate than the sticks, but keep them skinny for the comical effect. A big, fat chicken on skinny thin legs will have everyone laughing.Place his pupils and a wing. Even though chickens are not known for their flight ability, be kind and give him a line in the middle of his fat body to serve as a wing. His pupils are simply two dots, one each in the middle of his loopy eyeballs.

  • Finish off your chicken with small lines for shading, especially in the wing and dangling thing, and a designs in his haircut. Don’t forget to sign your work.

Tips & Warnings

  • To help you think comical while drawing a chicken, it may behoove you to keep key phrases in mind. These include: squawk like a chicken, chicken dance and run around like a chicken without a head.
  • You can play with your chicken theme by drawing variations. Illustrate Chicken Little, with his sign about the sky falling. Draw a city chicken on his way to work.
  • Chickens look good illustrated on kitchen items. Be sure to ask your mom permission first before you take your permanent marker to bright, white refrigerator.

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  • Photo Credit Photos and illustrations by Ryn Gargulinski
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