How to Improve your Touch on the Soccer Ball


The only way to get better as a soccer player is to spend as much time as you can with the ball. Live with it. Carry it with you on walks. Put it in your backpack next to your books. Use it as a pillow. Become the ball.

  • Juggle. Set up one- or two-touch juggling circles with your friends or set up games for yourself when you are alone. A great challenge is juggling the ball around the world: five times with your left foot, five times with your left thigh, five times with your head and then the same down the right side. Juggling is very effective because it not only improves your touch with your feet, but your general sense of the ball's movement. Good players can control the ball with any part of their body (except hands, of course). Just imagine, once you can control the ball in the air, controlling it on the pitch will seem like a dream.

  • Set up small obstacle courses for yourself. Practice dribbling through at different speeds. Boxing the ball back and force between the insides of your feet at a rapid pace can also add a new challenge for more advanced players. Make sure that you don't get too comfortable with one type of movement and use every side or part of your feet. When it is played well, soccer is not a game of brute strength but finesse and beauty.

  • Play one-on-one with your friends. There is no situation where you are required to touch the ball more. It will improve your touch and your fitness at once. A good player's heels almost never touch the ground. Playing on the balls of your feet enables you to be more responsive to the ball and to keep it closer to your in-step (laces) when you are cruising at high speeds.

  • Practice receiving the ball out of the air or from long distances. Players with a good touch can take a 50-yard pass out of the air with one touch and then be in the position to play the ball with a second, whether it is a ground pass or a volley. Don't worry if you struggle with this at first. Once you spend enough time with the ball, decisions like whether or not you should receive a ball with the inside of your foot or your thigh will become intuitive.

  • Start thinking about how you can use your touch as a way to think towards the next play. Before receiving the ball, take a quick look around you so that your first touch can be into space or towards the player you intend for your pass. Just this little amount of foresight is what makes high-level play look so seamless. Now, you will know the answer to the question: "how does she have so much time with the ball?"

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