How to Get Epona in "The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask"


Walking around can be tedious, and having a horse can really help get from point A to point B. Epona is stolen from Link only minutes into "The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask," and it will take a few steps to reclaim your steed. You have to be certified by the Powder Keg Shopkeeper in Goron Village to start these steps. Before you begin your quest to reclaim Epona, make sure you have the Goron Mask.

  • Go to West Clock Town. Walk into the Bomb Shop, which can be found in the southwest part of town. Put on the Goron Mask and buy a Power Keg for 50 Rupees from the shopkeeper. Leave through the west exit of Clock Town and head to the southwest corner of your map to find Milk Road.

  • Head to the giant boulder. Drop the Powder Keg in front it. Wait for the Powder Keg to explode, or shoot it if you're feeling a little impatient. Walk into the now open area to gain access to Romani Ranch.

  • Walk up to the ranch to see Epona and Link reunite. Speak to Romani, the red-headed girl that resides at the ranch. Play the practice mini-game with Epona.

  • Ride Epona by using the analog stick. Hit the "A" button to speed up and press "B" to use your bow. Run around shooting at all the balloons. Run in either a clockwise or counter-clockwise motion to get all the balloons as fast as possible.

  • Complete the game in under two minutes to receive Epona's Song. Play "Up-C," "Left-C," "Right-C," "Up-C," "Left-C" and "Right-C" to learn the tune. Use this song from this point on to call Epona to your side.

Tips & Warnings

  • Come back to the ranch before 2 am to kill off the attacking aliens, and receive an Empty Bottle as a prize.
  • Play Epona's Song in front of any cow to get a free bottle of milk -- just make sure to have an empty bottle with you.
  • You must find Epona before day three to be able to get her as your ride.

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