How to Become a Hall of Fame Athlete in The Sims 2


Does your Sim dream of the World Series, super-strong muscles and world records? Then get them to the top of the Athletic career! It will be a tough road and require a lot of workouts and some studying but with dedication, it can be done!

  • Make a new Sim or use an existing one. The Sims most suited to Athletic careers are ideally very active. They tend to want to do the things necessary to become a Hall of Famer Athlete anyway, so they might as well get paid for it!

  • Find the Athletic career online or in the newspaper. It doesn't take long for it to show up, but in case it doesn't and you're impatient, you can always cheat. See our article on Cheating in The Sims 2 for full details. Activate the cheats, shift+click on the newspaper, select career and find the Athletic career.

  • Start building Body points. This is going to take the most time. By the end, your Sim must have the full ten Body points to become a Hall of Famer. Several different items can be used for this including basic exercise machines, swimming pools and the gyro.

  • Practice your speech. In addition to the full ten Body points, your Hall of Famer in Training must also have the full ten Charisma points. To get these, you simply need to spend a lot of time in front of a mirror practicing your speech, practicing romance or whatever else builds your Charisma.

  • Work on your Mechanical skill. While you may not need the full ten Mechanical points, you will need seven of them in order to reach Hall of Famer. All you need to do this is sit down and study for a while. Your Sim probably won't want to do this for long, so you may have to force them.

  • Make some friends. Most Sims enjoy doing this anyway, and it never hurts to have a large group of friends. In order to reach Hall of Famer, your Sim will need eight friends. If you're trying to keep them busy exercising and studying, have them run out and make friends with the service people that come by (newspaper girl, mailman, etc.)

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