How to Draw Ruffles and Ribbons


Many manga, Lolita and even traditional drawing styles incorporate an abundance of ribbons and ruffles. Whether you're going for a certain artistic style or simply want to add frills to a homemade birthday card, you can master these basic drawing styles with a little practice.

Things You'll Need

  • Pencil
  • Eraser
  • Paper

Simple Ruffle

  • Draw a horizontal straight line on a piece of paper. This is the ruffle's hem. Make sure to leave enough room around the line so that you can add detail to three sides of it.

  • Draw two vertical lines, each connected to one end of the original line. The left line should look like a closed parenthesis, and the right line should be shaped like an open parenthesis. Extend these lines beneath the original line. Draw them as long or as short as you wish.

  • Add a C shape to the bottom of each of these lines. Make sure that the open side of the C shapes face each other toward the inside of the drawing.

  • Draw another line that connects the bottom of these two lines. This line must curve upward and have several dips. Think of this line as a wave splashing against a rock. This is the upper section of the ruffle.

  • Draw a horizontal line beneath the top ruffle connecting the two side C shapes. This will make the lower edge of the ruffle. Make sure that the horizontal line follows the upper ruffle's wave-like dips, but leave empty space between the upper and lower ruffles.

  • Add fold lines to the upper hem to give the ruffle the appearance of movement. These lines should begin at the upward curve of the top ruffle and end near the hem line. These lines do not have to touch the hem.

  • Shade in the space between the top and bottom ruffles. Use a dark shading stroke.

  • Shade in the upper ruffle. Use a light vertical stroke.

Simple Ribbon

  • Draw a chain of S shapes onto a piece of paper that curve back and forth in a fluid movement.

  • Draw another S chain that overlaps the first one. Imagine the S chains are stacked on top of each other, but a little offset. Start the top of the second S chain slightly below the top of the first one. Follow the curve of the first S chain, but draw the second chain slightly shorter. Each S chain represents a side of the ribbon.

  • Connect the ends of your ribbon, on each side, with a short line.

  • Shade in the areas beneath every other section where the S shape intersects. . Use a light stroke.

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