How to Come Up With a DJ Name


So you want to be a DJ but you are having trouble coming up with a cool name? You've got to think of something that sounds good shouted over the PA at a club so take some time thinking about what makes you the funkalicious person that you are and use this list to stir up a thumping DJ name.

Things You'll Need

  • Music
  • Put on the kind of music that you want to spin. Turn off the lights, set up a strobe and put yourself in the club scene that you want to make.

  • Check out the family tree for inspiration. Back in 2000, superstar DJ Moby told Mark Scheerer of CNN Entertainment News that he got his real name and his club moniker from a very famous great to the umpteenth relative: Herman Melville, the man who wrote Moby Dick. Would he have had the fame if he had chosen Hermann? Probably not.

  • Examine your personal habits or lifestyle. If you have a habit that is just right for a DJ, by all means pump that name out there for all to enjoy. Some examples to get you started: DJ 40, DJ 4:20, DJ John 3:20, DJ Coffin Nail.

  • Take a look at your favorite season, or time of day, or color or whatever. Try out names that incorporate something that you hold in your heart as your DJ name. Some examples to get you started: DJ Red, DJ Winter, Tuesday Blues, Soul Kittie.

  • Try on a few titles and ranks, the flashier the better. Titles and ranks can be drawn from just about anywhere, from the army to the boardroom. Some examples to get you started: Captain Stank, Baron Nasty, the Marquis de Trance, CEO Thrill.

  • Dig up your nicknames. If you look at the guys out there making serious dough as DJ's, many of them have names that started out as a nickname given by friends or family. Some examples to get you started: DJ Half Pint, Lovealicious, DJ Evil.

  • Mix it up. Use a couple of the suggestions given and stir them together. Get weird with this. Take a look inside your shirt and use the size as part of your name. Toss in your favorite breakfast and boom, you are now DJ Double X El Pancake

Tips & Warnings

  • What if your family doesn't have anybody special lurking in its history? Everybody is related if you go back far enough: Joan of Arc. Alexander the Great. Shaka Zulu. The sky is the limit, baby.
  • Try these names out in private before announcing to the world what your DJ name is going to be. Make sure you are cool with a name before you commit.

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