How to Do a Total Body Cleanse

Do a Total Body Cleanse
Do a Total Body Cleanse

How to Do a Total Body Cleanse. A total body cleanse is designed to eliminate toxins and waste products from the digestive tracts as well s the blood. While the feelings of detox can be quite uncomfortable, the result is a lighter more energetic body and boosted health. While there are a number of cleansing products on the market, a cleanse is simple and inexpensive to perform on your own.

Help your body detox more gently and without the emotional and physical stress by eliminating packaged, processed foods, fatty foods and sugars at least a week before you begin. It is also a good idea to stop eating red meat and dairy at least 7 days before starting, which often build up in the intestinal tract. These measures will improve the effects of your total body cleanse and make the experience better for you.

Take psyllium husk capsule throughout your cleanse, a form of safe an effective soluble fiber which gently cleanses the intestinal tract. Psyllium does not cause diarrhea or constipation, rather it helps to soothe for bowel regularity. Because capsule size varies, always follow the label for dosage information.

Begin to take psyllium capsules on the first day of your cleanse and continue until you have completed the total body cleanse and returned to normal eating. During the first two days, eat only fresh, organic fruits and vegetables; however, you can steam your foods if you like. Feel free to season food with lemon juice, olive oil, spices and even nutritional yeast, but avoid salt as much as possible.

Continue your total body cleanse by beginning a purely raw food diet on day three. Choose fresh organic fruits and vegetables, as the goal is to eliminate the build up of toxins found in our foods and environment. Eat as much as you like and get creative with your meals, searching the internet for raw food recipe ideas. Just make sure that everything you put into your body is 100 percent raw, as the live enzymes and rich vitamin and mineral content is the key to your cleanse.

Eat purely raw foods from day three to nine, completing one full week. On day ten, begin a short and simple juice fast, again, using purely fresh, organic fruits and vegetables. Drink as much juice as you like for 3 days, making sure that you drink the juice as soon after making it as possible. A quality juicer will remove all of the pulp, however, you can use a mesh strainer as well.

Return to raw foods on day thirteen, eating slowly and carefully after coming off of your juice fast to prevent a shock to your digestive system. During the first few days following your juice fast, it is better to eat multiple smaller meals, chewing your food well and drinking lots of water. Continue with raw foods for 5 days.

Add steamed fruits and vegetables back into your diet on day eighteen, not returning to regular eating habits until day 22 to complete the full 3 weeks of your total body cleanse.

Tips & Warnings

  • You should not do a total body cleanse if you are taking medications, have a weak immune system or medical condition without first speaking to your doctor.
  • Continue taking psyllium during your juice fast, a form of fiber which does not become active until it passes through the stomach. However, make sure that you remove all pulp from your fruit and vegetable juices during your 3-day juice fast, as the goal is to give your body a complete break from digestion.

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