How to Tell Your Parents You're Flunking Out


How to Tell Your Parents You're Flunking Out. It's never easy to tell your parents bad news and flunking out of school ranks right up there with crashing the car. At least with crashing the car, your parents are going to be concerned with you at first, before they get mad, whereas with flunking out of school there is no cushioning the facts.

  • Prepare your parents. If you know you are flunking out of school then be sure to let your parents know in advance. It won't change the facts but it may buy you some time. Let them think you may be able to turn things around, that it isn't a hopeless case.

  • Tell your parents that you have tried your best, but between working and the other obligations you have that it was impossible to do all your schoolwork too. Make them believe that if you had it to do over again, you would have changed things so you would not flunk out.

  • Let your parents believe that the college failed you rather than you failed the college. The teachers were too demanding, the classes too hard or whatever else you need to say in order for your parents to believe that it wasn't all your fault.

  • Give your parents the statistics that there are studies that show that one out of three college graduates take jobs that do not require college degrees. This way the idea of your flunking out won't seem to be as big of a blow as it is.

  • Own up to your mistakes by telling your parents that you messed up and are sorry, but you just couldn't cut it. Face the music and let them do what they have to. They may respect you for your honesty.

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